Specific policies to support repopulating pigs in some localities

Implementing the policy of repopulating and increasing the herd of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, many provinces and cities across the country have stepped up the implementation of solutions, including concerns to build mechanisms and policies to support specific facilities in households to recover the number of pigs.

In Yen Bai, this province advocated to support 4 million / sow or boar when buying to repopulate. Similarly, the support level in Vinh Phuc is 2 million VND / sow; Hanoi City is 5 million / sow; Hung Yen 1 million / sow and 500,000 VND per facility to buy supplies, probiotics to prevent African swine fever.

Meanwhile, Ninh Binh province has a program to support foreign sows for farms to repopulate, at a rate of 20% of the funding to buy breeds; Foreign sow, equivalent to VND 2 million / pig to repopulate the pig. Thanh Hoa and Thai Nguyen provide 500,000 VND for each grandparent sow to encourage pig parents for production.

In Nghe An, the province supports 1 million VND / female and parental support. The support level is equal to 50% of the number of imported herds and the maximum not exceeding VND 100,000,000 / farm. In 2020, it support about 30,000 doses of insemination for sows in households; support farmers damaged by the impact of African swine fever to borrow money for repopulating.

Spending 150 billion from the budget and giving to the social policy bank to lend to the farmers with 12 months interest-free loan is the solution of Binh Phuoc province. While Dong Nai also decided to support 60 farms, 622 livestock households, and 49 animal husbandry cooperation groups under Decree 57/2018 / ND-CP of the Government.

In Binh Duong, the government-supported 10 million VND / household to re-breed 20 or more pigs, borrow preferential loans to build the high-tech application of cages (equal to 70% of the value with a preferential interest of 3.85% / year). Up to now, there have been 23 breeding farms with access to the loan policy with the total investment capital approved and disbursed over VND 243.7 billion.

In the provinces and cities of Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong and Quang Tri, there is also a credit policy, giving priority to farmers who are damaged by African swine fever to get loans to restore repopulating and increasing pig herd, expanding biosafety pig raising model. The committees also loan interest support for the development of husbandry farms as well as upport the construction of waste treatment facilities for farms and concentrated agricultural production areas.

To promote the recovery of pig herds, MARD continues to request provinces and cities to organize the implementation of the Prime Minister’s Decision 50/2014 / QD-TTG on policies to support raising the efficiency of farming households. the 2015-2020 period; MARD have policies on loan interest rates, land policies for farmers to repopulate, increase herds, and raise biosafety according to the production cycle.

Besides, the government would grow the capacity building for breeding facilities, management, and hatchery production according to the breeding pyramid. Increasing the rate of breeding, raising reproductive productivity of existing sows, as well as the capacity of local breed production to have breeding animals with lower costs, and safe from diseases.

Source: Kinhtedothi




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