Livestock industry: Ensuring the supply of pork for consumption

The impact of African swine leads to a shortage of pork supply. This is a concern of the livestock market. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has been working closely with ministries, localities and businesses to ensure this source of goods.

Ensure livestock and pork supply, meet consumer demand

Factors affecting the price of goods in the world market, including the livestock industry have many changes. Geopolitical factors have put different pressures on oil prices. USD price and gold price also continue to have opposite fluctuations, affecting prices of precious metals, industrial metals, and export goods valued in USD, etc.

Domestic market: Preparing at the end of the year, the commodity market is vibrant with activities connecting supply and demand of Tet goods. The goods and raw materials for production, to ensure supply during the Lunar New Year, promotions for consumer goods, garments. Supply and demand, prices of goods do not have large fluctuations.

Particularly, livestock supplies pork because of a sharp decrease in supply after the epidemic outbreaks and high domestic prices. Some energy group products increased due to supply instabilities, so the domestic price fluctuated slightly.

In general, essential commodities are maintained stably. However, the supply of pork in the country is in shortage, rising prices.

Closely monitoring the livestock activities, supplying pork

According to forecasts of the Domestic Market Operating Group in the near future: there are many factors affecting the supply of some items. But, with the close control and close coordination of the Government and ministries, supply and demand of goods will be guaranteed to stabilize the market.

Some directions to ensure the stability of supply and demand, especially in the supply of pork. The People’s Committees of the provinces and cities directly under the Central Government shall direct the Department of Industry. It is to coordinate in deploying and closely monitoring the implementation of solutions to ensure supply of essential goods, especially pork. The border localities strictly control the cross-border export of pigs affecting the supply and price of pork in the country, especially at the end of the year and Lunar New Year.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is recommended to closely monitor livestock activities, accurately assess the capacity of re-herd to supply the market at the end of the year and the Lunar New Year. Coordinate closely and promptly with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in ensuring the supply of pork in particular and food in general for the market, serving stabilization.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has developed other items such as beef, chicken eggs, etc, to partially replace the shortage of pork. In addition, there are currently 25 million pigs in the whole country, the breeding stock for multiplication is good, so that if the control is good, the breeding will be good enough to meet the domestic demand.


Image source: TTXVN

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